Things Every Woman Should Know Before Buying a Stylish Laptop Bag


No doubt, your laptop bag is the sign of your taste. Your daily usable product carries your choice. The laptop bag is one of the best ways to introduce yourself silently. So you have to select the best laptop bag maintaining the quality of the laptop bag.

When you want to buy a laptop bag, you must want to find out the stylish bag. But the only stylish bag is not enough; there are many things behind choosing a laptop bag. Why will not you want the best and smart laptop bag as everything is going to be faster and brighter?

Laptop plays the roles of personal assistant. It is carrying need wherever you go. A laptop stores office work, personal document, business legal document and others priceless asset.
Have you ever though if your laptop dropped out in any way, you might lose your priceless asset. If it has a lack of backup, your life will be miserable. That is why you need a valuable laptop bag so that you can carry your laptop confidently.
You need a stylish laptop bag along with quality. If you buy a laptop bag maintaining quality and fashionable, you will hear lots of compliments from your friends. So lets you know what types of categories, you have to think while selecting a laptop bag.


There are different types of laptop bags; here we will mention only the fashionable and quality laptop bag which is a choice of every smart lady.

Rolling Laptop Bags

This types of bags is like a traditional suitcase. It has attached the wheel to roll quickly. Especially, a businessman, and traveler uses this types of lap top bags. This bag has enough space for keeping others accessories.

Messenger Laptop Bags

Messenger laptop bag is standard today. This types of a bag are known to all. Messenger laptop bag has well-padded to strap to carry easily.

Generally, a person should not use a heavy laptop bag. But messenger laptop bags is convenient enough to carry.

Laptop Backpacks

Laptop bags is popular widely. Specifically, the college going students likes to use this types of bags. The college going students likes those beg too much. The bags includes an extra pocket. It is also best for carrying laptop and other accessories

Laptop Bags Size

Laptop size is the most important factor. You have to know your laptop size appropriately then take a perfect size if your bag size is significant then your laptop; your laptop will glide. There will have the possibility of destroying your laptop.

You must follow some steps before buying a laptop bags:


When you want to buy a laptop bag, you must follow the strength. A man does not change a laptop bag frequently. The high-quality Laptop bag ensures the enough durability. If your laptop bag has no any durability, you may lose your priceless asset reserved in your computer in no time.

Attractive Design

A laptop bag must have a beautiful layout. You will go to different place to meet different types of people. The laptop bag will carry your choice. So you must give priority to the laptop bag.

Adequate Space

When you goes to take a laptop bag, you must carry others small necessary products with it such as DVD, Charger, Keyboard, extra wire and others thing. So observe that the laptop bag has an adequate place.

Leather Quality

A buyer must think about the leather quality of laptop bag. If you make wrong to select the original leather quality, you will feel repentance after using few days. You will notice that there are many stains on your laptop bag.
Final words
No one can say that laptop bag is not the necessary product. It is not only for businessman rather for students. It is essential for all classes of people. It is more important to select laptop bag considering quality, fashion and other necessary aspects.

PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Bag review

PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Bag review

The PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Bag is one of the best laptop bags for women which urges for their money due to the bag’s sleek, desirable and easy characteristics which are definitely a viewpoint catcher. This laptop bag for women can have room for three laptop sizes: 13-13.3 inches, 14 inches, and 15-15.6 inches depending based on your needs. The item is uniformly classified in its color variety with blue, black, grey and pink being is available to choose from. Anybody looking for an enjoyable laptop bag like PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag for women would certainly be pleased. The envelope design is an exclusive feeling. The bag’s shoulder straps and side handles makes this laptop bag a suitable and functional fashion accompanying. Most appreciably to protect the laptop from any shocks and bumps that your laptop remains protected as the inside has been equipped with polyester foam padding qualitatively.

PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Bag review






PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag is one of the top-selling and high rated laptop bags in the market. As per Amazon customers’ review, 94% customers rated as positive for this product.

Key Features and specifications

• Attribute of polyester foam padding layer and soft fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental happenings

• Appropriate for most popular 14 inch laptops / notebooks / Ultra books; may not snugly fit all computers due to variations in the sizes of different models

• Onward pocket of the case is perfect for storage of small items such as power adapters, cables, pens and notepads, offering added convenience

• Made exclusive style to your laptop due to its Envelope design; adjustable shoulder strap and side handle enable you to carry your computer in ease

• Top-loading zipper on the bag glides smoothly and allows convenient access to your laptop computer
• Product Dimension: 15.1 x 10.6 x 1.2 inches


• It is durable
• The bag is Stylish
• It contains sufficient pockets
• The bag has extra padding and fabric lining inside
• It’s nice and sleek
• Light weight and easy to carry with so many stuff.
• Perfect size and colors
• Works perfectly


• Shoulder strap seems not so sturdy.

PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Shoulder Bag Video Review:

A colorful and elaborate discussion on pros and cons, features, and on product reviews of PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop / Notebook Computer Shoulder Bag Case Pouch Sleeve you will be finding in this video review. Experience of video review will assist you in taking decision on buying the bag for your pleasant use.

Questions & Answers about PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop Bag

Question: Is this item easy to use?
Answer: Yes the product is so enjoyable and easy to use.

Question: Is the item durable?
Answer: Yes the item is long-lasting

Question: What are the dimensions of this item?
Answer: Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 10.6 x 1.2 inches

Question: What is the item weight?
Answer: Item weight is 11.2 ounces.

Question: Whether it is cheaper?
Answer: Certainly the item is competitively cheaper

Customer Reviews and Rating

A customer’s review is available at Amazon for the PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop bag. In an Average 4.5 rating there putted by the eminent customer out of 5 and total reviewer over there were 179. Let’s have a look on some notable customer’s review that will assist in choosing the buying laptop bag without more delay.

Final comments:

According to customer’s reviews maximum customers supported the product as best one. So we can take a decision based on customer’s review that PLEMO Envelope Nylon Fabric 14 Inch Laptop bag is really highly feasible for the user.

How to choose the best Laptop bag


We research hours and hours’ time about amazon laptop bags. We tried to figure out what important things need to consider before buying best laptop bags. Basically, here you will get a complete guideline how to choose the best laptop bags. We hope this will help you to know how to choose your best laptop bags for your kids, women, friends and family.
How to choose the best Laptop bag

Important things need To consider:

Laptop is a very significant device which we can carry along with us wherever, whenever. But have you still considered taking your laptop with you in a more relaxed way? I am speaking about a high quality laptop bag and not the usual or ordinary laptop case. Buying for a laptop bag can be very confusing as you can get such an item in so many varieties. They frequently vary in sizes, shapes, and of course in prices. To be able to mark the best one, it is truly needed to clear the idea what you actually required.

The laptop bags should fit your laptop:

Obviously this may sound but in many cases you must see that people who have their laptops or note books sliding inside their oversized bags. In this regard, you should take time selecting the right size that suits your laptop best. Mostly, you require measuring your laptop size by its diagonal screen. Permit a little room inside the bag but not too much as this enlarges your chances of damaging your device. Now if you take a think to having an oversized bag, get a separate cover to cushion and protect your laptop.

The laptop bags should be extra room for Other things to carry:

If you only want to hold your laptop along with a few cables, a cheaper one is sufficient. However, if you are taking everything else like disks, pens, iPods, documents, and other important things you require in your work then you necessitate the one with extra compartments and specially-planned pockets.

Make sure it would be comfortable to Carry:

When you frequently have long distance walks, you require seeing to it that the bag is suitable. Make confirm that the straps or the harness system is strapped and ventilated. This will create you more comfortable without the perspiration. You may also choose for a wheeled laptop bag to overcome the damage as you hurry to the airport, getting a taxi, or just simply when you are laden.

Is it safe from hard crashes and knocks?

When buying a bag for your laptop, see to it that whether it has detailed protection for your device. Foam padding or compressed air is a perfect consideration for a bag that provides sufficient protection from knocks or hard crashes.

Is it water proof?

Traveling outside means getting yourself taken in bad weather situation, have something exude, or drop your bag in one of the puddles. See to it that your bag is either water-proof or shower-proof to keep these damaging elements at inlet.

Does it look good?

After categorization the important and practical considerations, you may now consider the overall appear of the laptop bag. Your individual taste matters but it’s also essential to consider how other people see you. When you go out for a laborious business, a laborious-looking one is well but when you wear corporate attire, a more formal one is distinguished.

Whether sizing is relaxed?

Computer laptops come in a different of sizes, generally from 10 inches to 17 inches diagonally from one side to the other. It is significant to know what size the laptop is before buying a bag, since the carefully made computer pocket is intended for a specific size. If the laptop is too large for the bag, it will stick out or just not fit inside. If the laptop is smaller than the chosen bag size, students might not be able to use safety features that were implementing for a larger size. If students contain an oddly-sized laptop, they can frequently order a custom-sized bag from the seller.

Is it comfortable to travel or work?

Some people are looking for a laptop bag specifically for the purposes of traveling, rather than simply exchange to and from work or school. If you are searching for a travel bag, then considerations should be high on your list for laptop protection. The Arc’teryx Blade 24, the Osprey Pixel, and the Timbuk2 Command all contains separate and easily accessible side entry computer compartments that make access your laptop for airport security very easy. The others all necessitate you to reach inside from the top, which may or may not be so easy depending on how many things you have stuffed into your bag.

Final verdict:

when you would like to buy your best laptop bags you need to make sure the laptop bags would be comfortable, perfect for travelling, looking good, Safe from Hard crashes, laptop bags Should Fit Your Laptop. Then you could collect your best one from amazon or popular online shopping site who have best customer reviews.

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